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Selkirk Middle School Yearbook Class Overview

Photographer:  Provide video and pictures of what is happening at Selkirk during school hours and after school hours including sporting events, concerts and other activities for the week. Edit any photos as needed and name all include # in the description of pictures.  All photos/videos must be uploaded to the Wolf Week in Review folder in the shared drive by Wednesday, end of lunch to allow our class time to create a video for Friday AM.  Collaboration with other groups to identify needs is essential.  Communication with teachers/staff about events occurring daily/weekly is needed for planning purposes. You are responsible for meeting deadlines.

Social Media:  Create social media posts of every event posted on the calendar split amongst group members, including as many Selkirk students/staff as possible in posts. Please make sure 7th graders are in 7th grade sports, 8th graders in 8th grade posts etc.  Social media is also responsible for reporting accurate information of events (times/dates/spelling,scores, etc)  occurring as well as the results of sporting events for EACH grade level. Maintain spreadsheet of events using school/district calendars, sports calendars, Howling Herald and other resources. You will need to collaborate with other groups to create a strong product that is driving traffic to our social media sites/followers. You will also need to communicate with coaches/other staff for scores, other highlights as well as other groups eshare for photos.  You are responsible for meeting all deadlines.

Yearbook Design:  Work on the design/theme/layout/fonts of the yearbook with the advisor.  You will need to collaborate and communicate ideas with the class to settle on various components of the yearbook.  You are responsible for meeting yearbook deadlines.  

Marketing/Sales:  Create and design a marketing plan in order to market/sell:

  • Yearbooks effectively to the Selkirk students/community.  
  • HerffJones eShare app to the Selkirk community to contribute photos 
  • Social media platforms and increase the number of followers/traffic to platforms

You are responsible for meeting all deadlines. 

You will need to collaborate with other groups as well as other adults in building for your needs such as for social media or need of photos/communication to meet your goals. You are responsible for meeting yearbook sales and sales deadlines.

*Responsibilities may change slightly as the year progresses.


Above is a link for Yearbook students to register for the free summer virtual workshop on July 13th and 14th.